My work is rooted in my observation of, and interaction with, my surroundings and daily life. Intuition and imagination play an important role in this. Stemming from my own femininity, women and girls take centre stage in my work. I am fascinated by universal female postures and poses which, though subtle and culturally influenced, nevertheless reveal a personality. The absence of faces as a major human characteristic sets one free to explore the female identity behind cultural codes. In my work, identity remains mysterious and the past remains tangible; almost with a whisper, I paint these into the present.

Mijn werk ontstaat door waarneming en interactie met de omgeving en het dagelijks leven. Intuïtie en verbeelding spelen hierbij een belangrijke rol. Vrouwen en meisjes staan centraal in mijn werk, afgeleid van mijn eigen vrouw-zijn. Ik ben gefascineerd door universele houdingen en poses van vrouwen, die subtiel en cultuurgebonden toch een persoonlijkheid prijs geven. Het ontbreken van gezichten als een belangrijke menselijke kenmerk laat ruimte voor de verkenning van de vrouwelijke identiteit achter culturele codes. In mijn werk blijft de identiteit mysterieus en het verleden voelbaar, dat ik op een bijna fluisterende wijze de actualiteit in schilder.

Curriculum Vitae

Rolina Nell (1968, the Netherlands) is a professional visual artist. She graduated in 2001 from the Academy of Fine Art and Design Minerva, University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, the Netherlands. Rolina exhibits her work regularly in the Netherlands and abroad. Rolina travelled extensively and works in artist residencies world wide. To carry out her practice on a professional basis she was a.o. supported by Fund BKVB / Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (now know as the Mondriaan Fund), Stokroos Fund and Tijl Fund  / Prins Bernhard Culture Fund. Rolina worked for several years in Rotterdam, the Netherlands at Duende studio's. Currently she lives and works at a farmhouse in the North East polder, the Netherlands. Rolina is member of the board and curator of artists initiative id11.


1997 - 2001
BA Fine Arts, Minerva Art Academy Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen the Netherlands
1988 - 1992
BA Teacher Education in Fine Art and Design NHL University of Applied Sciences, Leeuwarden the Netherlands


RESET Gallery Dessers, Hasselt Belgium
International Summer Residency Aschersleben 2019 Bestehornpark, Aschersleben Germany
zij zei Dat Bolwerck, Zutphen the Netherlands
Maandag Wasdag City Museum Harderwijk, Harderwijk the Netherlands
La nostalgie du temps perdu Gallery Dessers, Leuven Belgium
First Decade art-space 38CC, Delft the Netherlands
the Allie van Altena Minerva Farewell (drawing) Exhibition Minerva Art Academy, Groningen the Netherlands
Beep Painting Biennal Elysium gallery | Swansea College of Art, Swansea United Kingdom
Waited for the Fish Corner Hommes gallery, Rotterdam the Netherlands
PHK18 #15 THE GREAT WALL murals PHK18, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Maandag Wasdag Museum Elburg | Vischpoort, Elburg the Netherlands (solo)
Ralph van Meijgaard | Geert Baas | Rolina Nell WTC Rotterdam Art Gallery, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Female Vrijhof gallery University of Twente, Enschede the Netherlands (solo)
Marit Dik and Rolina Nell Hommes gallery, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Rolina Nell & Anna Skubisz Ann’s Art, Groningen the Netherlands
converge SÍM gallery, Reykjavik Iceland
Schokland Scratch installation 't wasgoed  at the harbour of the former island, Schokland the Netherlands
gestippeld, gestreept, geruit en verbloemd Museum Schokland, Schokland the Netherlands (& Guda Koster)
voorbijgaand Charlois Speciaal pop up of Hommes gallery, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Patterns Beyond the Obvious LIA Spring Group Show Spinnerei Spring Gallery Tour, Leipzig Germany
terugblik Gallery het Gemaal, Echten the Netherlands (solo)
wat er is WTC Rotterdam Art Gallery, Rotterdam the Netherlands (& José Krijnen)
If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller LIA Winter Group Show Spinnerei Winter Gallery Tour, Leipzig Germany
Schwarzmalen 2 VondelCS, Amsterdam the Netherlands
Kondensat ArToll malerlabor, Bedburg-Hau Germany
Voor Uit Zicht Hommes gallery, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Temporary Threads Ekserserhuset Kristiansand Norway
Art The Hague Art Fair, The Hague the Netherlands
Voorbijgaand mural former building of Woudsend Insurance, Woudsend the Netherlands
The Great Last Minute Art Fair, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Staan, wachten, treuzelen, hangen, lummelen murals at theater ‘t Voorhuys, Emmeloord the Netherlands
Nothing can be seen that is neither illuminated nor colored Hommes gallery, Rotterdam the Netherlands
about A woman De Witte Slagerij, Rotterdam the Netherlands
RAW China Expo warehouse Santos, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Re:Rotterdam Art Fair Rotterdam the Netherlands
Wintergasten TETEM, Enschede the Netherlands
Duende Dicht Duende Studios, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Rolina Nell and Lie van der Werff Hommes gallery, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Zitten, staan, hangen, lummelen DOK Kunst, Delft the Netherlands (solo)
Re:Rotterdam Art Fair, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Uit Zicht Salon #17 TAC artist initiative PEK, Eindhoven the Netherlands (& Anouk Bax)
10 jaar Minerva CBK Drenthe, Assen the Netherlands
daarentegen Ruimte Remmelink gallery, Delft the Netherlands (solo)
Museumnight Delft id11 op_LOCATIE Delft the Netherlands (& Désirée de Baar)
TERUGBLIK id11 op_LOCATIE murals former shop, Delft the Netherlands 
DE SPEELTUIN art-space 38CC, Delft the Netherlands
1 van 11 Gallery Weesperzijde, Amsterdam the Netherlands
op het tweede gezicht Gallery Castle of Rhoon, Rotterdam the Netherlands (solo)
kruithuis BEZET Het Kruithuis, Den Bosch the Netherlands
Remain id11 FLAT_land murals demolished apartment building Poptahof neighbourhood, Delft the Netherlands
Voorbijgaand murals at project space De Overslag, Eindhoven the Netherlands (solo)
Nomaden CBK, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Voorbijgaand murals demolished houses at Van Leeuwenhoeksingel, former station Delft the Netherlands
BuroDijkstra Three Years! BuroDijkstra ArtGallery, Rotterdam the Netherlands
HusH ArtUnit, Haarlem the Netherlands (solo)
ART within | Appearance (video) geborgen kamers, The Hague the Netherlands
been everywhere, seen everything Minerva Art Academy Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen the Netherlands (solo)
Exclude II murals Minerva Art Academy Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen the Netherlands (solo)
hier&daar art-space 38CC, Delft the Netherlands
Transient id11 HTV murals demolished houses Poptahof neighbourhood, Delft the Netherlands
Thrill & Suspense Walls gallery, Amsterdam the Netherlands
been everywhere, seen everything LittleBird gallery, Los Angeles USA (solo)
Art Without Borders Gallery Theo Hübens, Maastricht the Netherlands
Open studio Kaus Australis, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Exclude I murals Andrejsala, Riga Latvia (solo)
Open studio Red Gate Residency studios, Beijing China
Indian Times Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad India (solo)
Appearance installation in shops at the Pirozi Street neighbourhood, Tehran Iran (solo)
Sareckhi Art Villa Garikula, Akhalkalaki Village Georgia (solo)
Je Reve Gallery Noord, Groningen the Netherlands
Kans op gezondheid Broerenkerk, Zwolle the Netherlands
‘t wasgoed artist initiative De Verschijning, Tilburg the Netherlands (solo)
Familie sandersgeluk at Het Groot Handelsgebouw, Rotterdam the Netherlands (& Maaike Sietszema)
Distance Shenghua Art Center, Nanjing China
de Schone Schijn Magazijn Vomberg gallery, Rotterdam the Netherlands (solo)
Electron, Breda the Netherlands
From dusk till dawn de Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek, Helmond the Netherlands (& Bérénice Staiger)
The Ascot Lady’s mural de Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek, Helmond the Netherlands
to Hell and Back studio D.S.P.S., Rotterdam the Netherlands (& Marian Brugman)
Zeevruchten D.S.P.S. installation former bar Katendrecht neighbourhood, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Ladenkast project Phoebus gallery, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Open studio Foundation B.a.d, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Hollandse Nieuwe Chassé gallery, Breda the Netherlands
Simmersalon Bas 10 gallery, Sneek the Netherlands
Insignific Sign gallery, Groningen the Netherlands
Rolina Nell Museum Nagele, Nagele the Netherlands (solo)
Versie 1.0  final exam Academy of Fine Art and Design Minerva, Groningen the Netherlands

Artist residencies

Internationales Sommeratelier Aschersleben, Aschersleben Germany
art quarter budapest, Budapest Hungary
SÍM residency, Reykjavik Iceland
2015 - 2016 
LIA, Leipzig Germany
ArToll, Bedburg-Hau Germany
CreArt AiR, Kristiansand Norway
2009 - 2012 
Duende, Rotterdam the Netherlands
De Overslag project space, Eindhoven the Netherlands
Minerva Art Academy Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen the Netherlands
Artist residency at Roberto Espinosa, Los Angeles USA
Kaus Australis, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Singalong, Riga Latvia
Red Gate, Beijing China
Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad India
Paradise International Art Centre, Tehran Iran
Art Villa Garikula, Akhalkalaki Georgia
Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia Bulgaria
de Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek, Helmond the Netherlands
2002 - 2003
B.a.d, Rotterdam the Netherlands


Residency Grant city of Aschersleben Germany
Residency Grant CreArt city of Kristiansand Norway
Prins Bernard Cultuur Fund / Tijl Fund, Amsterdam the Netherlands
Foundation Stokroos, Utrecht the Netherlands
Special Mention A.J. Prins Cultuurprijs, Delft the Netherlands
Municipality of Delft the Netherlands
Foundation NRC, Rotterdam the Netherlands
2006 - 2008
Basic stipend Fund BKVB / Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (now know as the Mondriaan Fund), Amsterdam the Netherlands
Nomination Buning Brongers price, Amsterdam the Netherlands
Nomination Dooyewaard stipend, Groningen the Netherlands


Mural for Vestia housing company wall of the S-shaped living block, Hillekop (Mecanoo architects), Rotterdam the Netherlands (implementation november/december 2017, cancelled due to not being able to guarantee the quality and the sustainability of paint/mural painting in the mentioned winterperiod)
Mural with students (14 years), Municipality of Kristiansand Norway
Sketch visual art Cultural year 2009, Municipality of Delft the Netherlands
Mural, Municipality of Delft the Netherlands
Instruction paper primary education, CBK Rotterdam the Netherlands

In collection

DELA art collection, Calland/schoen Rotterdam, DOK kunst Delft, Kunstuitleen Emmeloord, CPS Entertainment Delft, Slager advocaten Rotterdam, private collection in the Netherlands and abroad


Curatorial masterclasses Cultuur+Ondernemen, Amsterdam the Netherlands
2001 - 2002
Graphic design and web-design Kreft Advies Opleidingen, Amsterdam the Netherlands

Curator id11

2013 - present
HET TIJDELIJK VERBLIJF AiR projects and exhibitions, Noordoostpolder Rutten the Netherlands
Car Art festival CreArt AiR and exhibition, Delft the Netherlands
DELFT OP ZICHT CreArt AiR and exhibition, Delft the Netherlands
Car Art festival AiR and exhibition, Delft the Netherlands
BUITENgewoon AiR and exhibition, Delft the Netherlands
onderZOEKT AiR and exhibitions, Delft the Netherlands
1 van 11 exhibition, Amsterdam the Netherlands
DE SPEELTUIN exhibition, Delft the Netherlands
op_LOCATIE AiR and exhibitions Delft the Netherlands
FLAT_land AiR and exhibitions, Delft the Netherlands
hier&daar exhibition, Delft the Netherlands
HET TIJDELIJK VERBLIJF AiR and exhibitions, Delft the Netherlands

Artist related work

Lecture about my work in the collection of kunstuitleen Emmeloord the Netherlands
AiR for Experiment organisation encounter collaborative venture between id11 and DutchCulture|TransArtists in the context of the EU project CreArt, Delft the Netherlands
Zomer Expo jury Member
SHIFTING AiR STRATEGIES organistation seminar a collaborative venture between id11, DutchCulture|TransArtists, Satellietgroep and Wander in the context of the EU project CreArt, Delft the Netherlands
Kunstbende jury member, The Hague the Netherlands
Curating experiences lecture, Rotterdam the Netherlands
2012 - 2013
Duende Activities member Duende Studios / AiR, Rotterdam the Netherlands
RAiR Rotterdam artist-in-residence contactperson Duende Studios, Rotterdam the Netherlands
2011 - present
Assistant of international working visual artist Lily van der Stokker
2008 - present
Curator and board member of the foundation of artist initiative id11, Delft / Rutten the Netherlands
AiR experiences lecture Minerva Art Academy Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen the Netherlands
2003 - 2006
AiR studio DSPS coordinator, Rotterdam the Netherlands
2001 - present
1999 - 2006
Assistant visual artists (G.Frieling / R.Schimmel) by mural paintings
1997 - 2005
Art-education, Emmeloord / Lelystad / Rotterdam the Netherlands

Publications and writings

Die Fleissige Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, newspaper article
album book self-published
zij zei interview by B-FM broadcasting company region Zutphen Netherlands
Het is Maandag Wasdag in Harderwijk by Peter van Eekelen, broadcasting company province Gelderland Netherlands
Streekdracht als houvast en keurslijf interview by Marion Groenewoud journalist De Stentor, newspaper article
REFLECTIE, TROOST, DOORGEVEN DELA art collection overview of the fourth 100 acquisitions for the DELA art collection, book | De crematoriumkunst van Dela: werken die schuren en waar je een fijne zucht bij laat De Volkskrant, newspaper article
Rolina Nell in Charlois text by Wim Noordhoek journalist, artlog
Kwetsbaar, aaibaar review Illand Pietersma journalist Dagblad van het Noorden, newspaper article
GNKK The Major Dutch Art Calendar 
wat er is opening speech by artist Arie van Geest, Rotterdam the Netherlands
Rolina Nell open studio The Leipzig Glocal interview by artist Maeshelle West-Davies, online article
verstoppertje poem by Ab Bertholet
Kondensat ArToll malerlabor, exhibition catalogue
GRKK The Major Rotterdam Art Calendar
Temporary Threads opening speech by artist Borghild Rudjord Unneland, Kristiansand Norway
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Elver henger pa veggen text Lars Hollerud Fædrelandsvennen Kristiansand Norway, newspaper article
Local Heros photo’s of Reyer Boxem, magazine
Rolina Nell schildert ‘haar’ vrouwen op muren theater, newspaper article, Theater 't Voorhuys Emmeloord the Netherlands
Staan en wachten met Rolina Nell, newspaper article, Theater 't Voorhuys Emmeloord  the Netherlands
Rolina Nell exposeert werken op RE: Rotterdam Art Fair en RAW China Expo, newspaper article
GRKK The Major Rotterdam Art Calendar
Jubileumtentoonstelling PEK Eindhoven, exhibition catalogue
Re;Rotterdam-deel-2 Trendbeheer 11/2/2012, artlog
Uit Zicht PEK Eindhoven, newspaper article
onderZOEKT Trendbeheer 29/10/2011 27/11/2010, artlog
Representeert De Curator, article about currating art
De Overslag 2008-2009 Eindhoven, exhibition catalogue
op_LOCATIE id11 Delft, project catalogue
Reflection on Rolina's paintings text by Lida Bonnema art historian/visual arts reviewer
Beschouwing over de schilderkunst van Rolina Nell Lida Bonnema kunsthistoricus/recensent beeldende kunst
FLAT_land id11 Delft, project catalogue
Plein Delft cultuurjaar 2009, magazine
Gids Delft cultuurjaar 2009, magazine
De Unie Uitgelicht Rotterdam, program flyer
Nomaden Trendbeheer 5/5/2009, artlog
Coloringbook 52 drawing self-published
Reflection on Rolina's paintings by Mylissa Fitzsimmons of LittleBird Gallery Los Angeles USA
Die tijdelijkheid werkt bevrijdend text Rina Tienstra journalist HanzeMagazine
13 Delft, artists catalogue
STARTDOCUMENT an AiR in Delft id11, project catalogue
been everywhere, seen everything project catalogue self-published
Residencies' report by Rolina Nell from Bulgaria / Georgia / Iran / India / China / Latvia - 2007 DutchCulture TransArtists
Droomsamenleving PJ Partners, magazine 
Working on Common differences New York Arts Magazine exhibition Distance Nanijing China, magazine
Alles van waarde.. de Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek Helmond, exhibition catalogue
Atelierroute Charlois Rotterdam, newspaper article
Daar gebeurt het…, newspaper article
Versie 1.0 Minerva Art Academy Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, final exam catalogue
Kunst op de Kast UMC Groningen, project catalogue