been everywhere, seen everything

The art of Rolina Nell, reminiscent of lost childhood memories. A sense longing to be apart of another world, another time. Paintings of intimate objects expressing humanity. Her travels have allowed her to capture and connect the qualities of life. With simple brush strokes and a strong
sense of color her paintings engage you on an emotional level, revealing the human conditions from her travels and journey.
Rolina’s work has taken on the subtle nuances of the cultures in which she has been immersed. Her acrylic paintings often express her curiosity concerning women's roles within a social and cultural structure.

Beautifully forlorn and remarkable in their lack of direct human representation are her laundry paintings. She uses clothing as a sort of figurative representation. each garment almost transparent but creating a sort of corporeal presence in and of itself. The viewer is left to
wonder and imagine the identity. Melancholic mystery, borne out of the loniliness of culture difference.

Mylissa Fitzsimmons, LittleBird Gallery, Los Angeles, USA. (April 2008) | exhibition and artist residency